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מלה בסלע שתיקותא בתרין - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן

"Tuning in" Exercise for 3rd February => 10th February 2013

One of the Most Intense Spiritual Energies in The World ......

St Peters Square - Vatican City - Rome


Tuning in and Getting "Connected" to GOD בקשות לתפילה

The energy of the DIVINE GOD is within each and everyone but many people "feel" distanced and disconnected from the spiritual energy of GOD that resides WITHIN YOU. That is the reason for "prayer" and that is the reason why you are seeking help and searching to find something that is already WITHIN you.

Each and everyday - there are different energies transcending to everyone on Earth - in the hope that sooner or later - you will PICK UP the specific energy that will ENLIGHTEN you.

The "Astrology & Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה has shown you how astrological energies change you moods, your desires and your abilities. It also attracts your mind and thoughts towards something specific. It is dependant on your astrological energies and the auric energies within and around you.

However, the gift of spiritual enlightenment, tuning in and getting "connected" to the DIVINE GOD WITHIN YOU - will come suddenly - but UNTIL you FEEL it strongly - you might have to WORK hard, travel, read and see a lot before you FIND the DIVINE within you. We know - because we've been there - we've felt distanced and disconnected with GOD which made us travel and search for GOD. We found many places where the intensity of "spiritual" energies was exceedingly strong and just being there we felt "connected" - here are our photos for your to FOCUS on - so that you can SENSE the spiritual energies.

As you "tune-in" to FEEL and SENSE the spirituality - you should FEEL connected to a STRONG DIVINE energy - an energy which you will sense "from within you". Each day during the week you will be "feeling" different and each time you look at the photo you will be intrigued [or not] as you SENSE different things each time you look at the photos.


Immediate and Perfect "Connection" to GOD בקשות לתפילה

This physical world is a UNIQUE world with certain specific and important places in this world that have UNIQUE DIVINE and intense SPIRITUAL energies. These places offer a PERFECT and IMMEDIATE spiritual connection to GOD - with an energy to TUNE INTO the Eternal Divine Spiritual Realms.

The intensity of these places enables everyone to FEEL connected to something MORE THAN a physical dimension - without even trying - that is a a strength of spiritual energy contained in these places. Hence, as we post photos in these "tuning in" spiritual exercises - we hope you too can and will feel the DIVINE energy. As soon as you FEEL it - PRAY for yourself - because your soul will be OPEN and connected to a pure spiritual realm of profound DIVINE energy.


Getting Connected and Learning to "Tune in" to the Divine

בקשות לתפילה

We've decided to help and guide readers to TUNE IN to the DIVINE - readers who are in the physical a distance far away - readers who will probably never see some of the places we've been to - but are CLOSE "spiritually" and can "tune into" to these places we've visited - because you read our thoughts on the website - hence you're very close to our "thought" energies - we want you to look at the photos and SENSE their energies. What can you sense ?


"Tuning in" Exercise for 2nd February => 9th February 2013

St Peters Square - Vatican City - Rome

The Most Intense Spiritual Energies in The World ......


This week as the expansion of your mind with Sun in Aquarius creates freedom - your aura will be filled with NEW energy - it is your freewill choice what fills your aura. Do you continue to fill it with depressing garbage from the PAST - OR - will you be FREE from the past by filling it with brilliant and positive energies - looking forward to the FUTURE.


I have suggested to a few readers - that they should go to ROME even for a few days - especially that "Ryanair" flies for less than $100 round-trip to Rome from most European cities. When you arrive in Rome and stand in the ONE and ONLY St Peters Square - it's truly a unique experience - and the aura of the huge square - will make it impossible to think of anything.


This week the Sun in Aquarius will be creating freedom from the PAST - it will make you feel like you are standing in St Peters Square with no worries and no thoughts of anything from the PAST. Can you sense the FREEDOM ? Can you sense the HAPPINESS ?

Can you sense the genuine happiness of all the people in the square ? Visitors from all over the World - amazed by St Peters Square and it's energy.










Being in Places Amongst People who Feel the Same Intense Energies

Being in Rome, meandering around the city amongst the 1000's of people is truly fantastic

Can you sense the FREEDOM ? Can you sense the HAPPINESS of all the People in the photo ?

Everyone in the world who visits Rome - enjoys St Peters Square - enjoys the Spanish steps and enjoys Rome !

All these are amazing tourist attractions full of fantastic positive energies are truly unique and intensely exciting.


"Spanish Steps Rome"




However, I should ask - are you the type of person that loves people - loves seeing lots of people - all having a good time OR are you the lonely type that avoids people and avoids crowds of people - this week might be time to change for PEOPLE are wonderful - lots of like-minded people meandering around - are truly inspiring and energizing to one's aura.



Everyday a Transcending Spiritual Energy Comes down

Do you Hear the Messages ? Are you Tuned into the Energy ?

All life on earth especially plants and trees are tuned into the astrological energies of changing seasons. However, "humans" are stubborn and block their own ability to "tune in". Each and every day there is a DIVINE message transcending to each of us through the astrological energies. Do you hear the messages are you listening to the Divine in Nature?

During the next few years, as "everyone" learns to tune-in to the Divine - you will understand what I'm explaining - in the meantime tune into the photos and images I post online - and see if you can sense the reason and energy I'm conveying to you - as I receive it - and thereby you too will be able to write and explain spiritual secrets as I do - enabling the Divine message to spread throughout the whole world as predicted in the Book of Daniel when we'll become spiritually enlightened.


Getting Connected and Learning to "Tune in" to the Divine

בקשות לתפילה

We will update this page each Sunday with a "tuning in" exercise to help you become stronger "psychics".

We've been inspired to comprehend that an IMAGE / PHOTO on the "internet" conveys more energy than words !

When you SENSE the psychic energy we're transfering to you from each of the PHOTOS - Meditate and Pray.

You will find peace, tranquility and feel very "connected" to a Divinely Spiritual Energy.

Use the energy wisely and grow spiritually.


There will be a progression of "spiritual" psychic exercises of many different places that we're going to be making available "Online" for readers to continue to enjoy "tuning into". For you'll find when you need to find "peace" and "meditate" - tuning into these photos will help to bring you inner peace and transform your mood.


Archived Exercises of "Tuning into the Divine"


1. 21st October 2012 - St Sebastian Church in Salzburg

2. 28th October 2012 - St Peters Friedhof and Chapel Salzburg

3. 3rd November 2012 - Omaha Military Cemetery at Coleville-sur-mer France

4. 11th November 2012 - going-for-walk along the River by Salzburg

5. 18th November 2012 - St Peter's Square Vatican Rome - Unique Spiritual Place of Positive Karmic Energy

6. 25th November 2012 - Lighting Candles in Spiritual Places - St Peters Rome, Duomo Milan & St Stephens Budapest

7. 2nd December 2012 - Salzburg Cathedral - a pure Spiritual "Love at 1st Sight"

8. 16th December 2012 - Tomb of the Holy Rebbe - Noam Elimelech of Lezajsk

9. 21st December 2012 - Church in Ulica 3 Maja Rzeszow Poland

10. 25th December 2012 - Christmas in Rome in 2009

11. 31st December 2012 - Finding Light where there is darkness - Pictures of Church in Lezajsk

12. 7th January 2013 - Understanding the value of time - just "1 Second"

13. 21st January 2013 - The Church in Lezajsk where we find Divine Inspiration

14. 27th January 2013 - The "Letni Palac Lubomirskich Rzeszow" Rzeszow, Poland - tuning into "past life" in Rzeszow


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם