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Moon Phases Chart - Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The daily powerful astrological energy of the Moon influences all our lives each and every day.

The exact position of the Moon affects our moods and emotions which has the power to affect

Either positively or negatively our individual and collective ability to make decisions and enjoy life.


Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

Moon Astrology to be read in conjunction with this Weeks Planetary Movements and Monthly Astrological Events


Moon-Phases Chart




We're continually and pleasantly surprised by the creative brilliance and talent that we find on the internet.

The Moon-Phases Astrology charts have been created by David Rose @ - Thank you David !


What Moon Phase were you Born ?

Where you born in a Waxing Moon or a Waning Moon?

Where you born between New Moon and Full Moon

OR where you born between Full Moon and end of Moon cycle ?


Do you want to know how important your Moon phase is - then why not ask me .....

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You Should Know Your Moon Transits ...

I've been explaining Moon Astrology for a long time - and by now - you should know which Moon transits you like the best and which ones you hate. Which ones are good for you and which ones are bad for you. Do you know them ? If you don't then now is a good time to learn .... you'll find the Archived Moon Astrology helpful and in the meantime make yourself a calendar of Moon transits.

Indeed it is a predictable formula for each and everyone. There are 2 star signs which are VERY GOOD for you - and 2 star signs which are VERY BAD for you. Do you know what they are yet? If you find ONE star sign which is BAD for you - there is another one BAD for you too - and it's usually the OPPOSITE of the 1st BAD one. So if Moon in Gemini is BAD for you - then Moon in Sagittarius will be BAD also. Similarly for the good star signs - if Moon in Cancer is GOOD for you - then Moon in Capricorn will be good for you too.

There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you - 6 other star signs which have a purpose and reflect a pattern which are neither good or bad - but have purpose for you to be extrovert and accomplish OR time to be introvert and reflect - and then there's ONE star sign which is your own MOON sign and ONE star sign which is your own SUN sign - both have a NEW gift of energy to give you - a boost of energy to create NEW beginnings.

When I say VERY BAD for you and VERY GOOD for you - I mean to say - the Moon puts you in a BAD mood or a GOOD mood - and as we all know - when you're in a GOOD MOOD - everything goes well for you - you become lucky, successful and happy - but when you're in a BAD - things go wrong - you become unlucky, grumpy and accidents can happen.

The Moon determines your AURA. The Moon's energies can CHANGE your whole life - even if you have excellent aspects in your chart - if you're in a BAD mood you can ruin the goodness and conversely - even if you have BAD aspects in your own astrological chart - if you're in a GOOD mood you can transform your life to become so happy and successful. Additionally "Spiritual Astrology" always defines that you can change anything - by SAYING THANK YOU and MEDITATING - but it's sometime very difficult to meditate and say "thank you" especially when the Moon is bringing the worst out in you!


Transcendence of Moon's energy sometimes take a few hours or even a day

I leave explanations online for a few days or upload explanations in advance, because you might be in a different time zone, ahead or behind GMT London UK Time zone; depending on where you are in the world and your specific time zone you might experience delays in the transcendence of Moon's energy for you, but it might be blocked too by your negative avoidance to receive these energies.

The dependency and accuracy of receiving the Moon's emotional energy is proportional to your OPENESS and SENSITIVITY. The more open and sensitive you are - the more intense and immediate you feel the energies at the exact moment; any delay is related to your mood on the day and how "OPEN" you are as a person.

For example, something I explain for the morning might happen for you in the evening; sometimes I find that a weak energy in some countries can be very intense in others; similarly, very emotionally sensitive people feel the positive energies - exceedingly positive, and the negative stressful energies - unbearably intense. But even the most unemotional cold-hearted people still experience these energies even if they might feel them in "mild" form. However, I find that the seemingly coldhearted types get very stressed out by the negative moon aspects - and often miss the very positive ones !

Therefore, even though "emotional" energies can be extremely stressful - they can also be extremely enjoyable - I always say - "it is far better to be OPEN and FEEL ALIVE; than CLOSED and DEAD" - "A true sign that you are ALIVE is that you FEEL the energies both the bad ones and the good ones !"


Match the xx° Above with the xx° Numbers on Your Natal Birthchart

Then You'll Know How Powerfully the Moon's Aspects Will Affect YOU

The reason why I use the exact degree xx° in the above information is so, that you too, can look at your own birthchart; when you MATCH the numbers in degrees EXACTLY then you can expect a MAJOR powerful emotionally charged moment / event in your life will happen. [Use to get your free astrological chart; to see exactly the degree ° of each of your planets at birth].

When you have an exact match in the exact Moon degree xx° with your natal birthchart Sun - it is a NEW MOON for you - a monthly event we all have for a RENEWAL - REBIRTH and an opportunity for a fantastic, uplifting and emotionally exciting new beginning. When the Moon is exactly opposite your Sun - then it is your highly emotionally charged "personal Full Moon"; and likewise with ALL the planets in your chart as each of them conjuncts the Moon once a month.


Why Are You Surprised that Moon Astrology is Accurately Correct ?

In our generation especially thanks to the power of information and technology; the astrological energies of the Moon and it's movements in relation to the Earth coupled together with "Earth-Moon's" togetherness through the Solar system makes predicting the astrological energies much easier than ever before in the history of mankind. Everyone can understand that thanks to "Satellites Eyes-in-the-Sky" weather forecasters are much better equipped in our generation to predict the weather, the temperature, when it will rain and snow. So don't be so surprised that these astrological predictions are accurately correct; it is with thanks to wisdom and accurate information of our Solar system being readily available. However, to understand the energy of "Moon - Earth" and the need for "partnerships", "Togetherness" and interaction - please read the article on ==>>> "Moon Astrology - Why it works".

Some readers have expressed amazement of how a Moon astrology page can be true for "everyone"; the answer is simple - in the same way that the powerful Moon's energy affects the tidal flow of water in the whole world; causing high and low tides daily; and causing different levels of Tidal flow depending on New or Full Moon energy prevailing; likewise astrologically the Moon, as it transits each of the star signs, has a unique power for each day in the Month, and as we sense this energy it affects our moods each and every day. Hence this Astrology page applies to some extent to everyone for it indicates the day's Moon energy.


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